Comfort+ Apartment

Just arrive and feel great: That’s our motto for your new home. This should be a place where you enjoy living and learning. That’s why all of our student apartments are not only designed with practicalities in mind, but also offer modern, comfortable and high quality living.

The Comfort+ apartments offer an amazing amount of space. Living is easy in an area of approx. 22 - 32m². Here there’s plenty of room to live and study, relax, organise and store your things. The entrance hall has two high wardrobes and a mirror. After a tiring day at uni, you can freshen up in the walk-in shower. Or would you like to wind down over dinner? Your kitchenette with a practical bar and two bar stools is perfect for cooking and enjoying your food. In the clearly separated living and study area there’s a long desk ready for you and your work – including a roll container that can be turned into a stool. And not to be forgotten of course: your bed and three cupboards with loads of storage space.

Plus, settling in is easy with white, modern furniture accented with blue, floor to ceiling windows with luxury pleated blinds for the right lighting, and modern lamps. Now all you need are your things. Arrange everything however you’d like and make your new home perfect. Nur Bilder und Poster dürfen nicht an die Wände.


Your plus for more room

Generously cut, fully furnished one-room apartment with:

  • Bed

  • Desk and roll container

  • Desk chair

  • Bar table with barstool

  • Shelves and cabinets

  • Fitted kitchen with ceramic hob

  • Microwave and refrigerator freezer combination

  • Bathroom with shower

  • High speed internet